Data Loggers

Remote Data logger, internet data access - myDatalogEASY V3

DC/Battery/Solar powered loggers capable of logging 4 signals, either digital or analogue. Data uploads to our secure server via GSM. This saves you the need to visit the site to access your data. The unit can also manage Solar charging of its internal batteries.

The System can compile reports, graphs and send you emails of your logged data. Even from multiple loggers.

The loggers can send emails to warn you of an alarm event.

With myDatalogweb all you need to access your data is an internet connection and your username & password. The data is stored on our server for the whole history of each logger's installation. 

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Data Logger, Compact Battery Powered Logger

These low cost/budget compact data loggers benefit from having a  long battery life and large Memory. It uses a USB connection for ease of data download

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