Flowline Flow Meters & Flow Measurement Solutions

Offering you the very best flow meters from the best Flow meter manufactures

We specialize in non-contact flow meters such as Clamp on Ultrasonic and Radar open channel systems


What Can We Do For You?

  • Inline and clamp-on Liquid Flow Meters for precise flow measurement . 
  • Inline and insertion Gas Flow Meters of Various technologies to measure gases of various conditions 
  • Inline and insertion Steam Flow Meters for Saturated and Superheated Flows with very low pressure drop
  • Non-contact, Radar Effluent Flow Meters for Sewers and open channels maintenance free Flow measurements
  • Rental of  portable Clamp on Flow Meters with Optional Data loggers
  • Process and Ambient Dust Monitors with optional wireless connectivity  
  • We provide over the phone technical support, or site support if needed

 Who Are Our Customers?

  • All UK Water Suppliers
  • Power Generators Including: Nuclear, Gas, Coal, Oil and Renewables
  • Aerospace and Automotive
  • Chemical and Petrochem
  • Food, Brewing and Manufacturing