Flowline Products

Flowline specialise in supplying flow meters and flowmetering systems for all industries, as well as solving difficult flow measurement applications. Lots of our Flowmeters are suitable for retrofitting into existing pipework or channels often without any interruption to the operation of your plant. We specialize in non-contact flow meters such as Clamp on Ultrasonic and Radar open channel systems

Experience has shown that metering flows almost always results in more efficient plant operation and a drop in consumption, leading significant cost savings, all you need is the right Flowmeter.

Open Channel & Sewer Flow Meters

Flowline offer a range of both Ultrasonic and Radar Open Channel flow meters suitable for applications such as Rivers, Sewers, Effluent channels and many more.

Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Clamp-on Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight flowmeters from Ultraflux for water, oil and chemicals. 

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

These high accuracy meters are ideal for a wide range of conductive liquid flow measurement applications. Sizes range from 2-2000mm. 

Differential Pressure Flow Meters

Differential Pressure Insertion and Inline Flowmeters, for Gases and Steam 

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Inline and Insertion Thermal Mass Meters for Air and Gas flow measurement.

Data Loggers

Ideal for survey work and monitoring existing meters. Data loggers are supplied with report generation software, can be supplied set up for immediate use

Vortex Flow Meters for Gases

Inline and insertion Vortex flow meters for gas Flows. Available in Atex for BioGas applications

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

Single Path and Dual Path Coriolis Mass Flow Tubes 

Turbine Flow Meters

High quality turbine flow meters for most liquid flow applications. Size range 3/8" to 6", flanged and threaded end fittings. Suitable for oils, chemicals and many other liquids.

Clamp on Interface and Pig Detectors

The Minsonic ISD and PSD give you a clamp on way to detect your line Pigs, or track the density of your media within your pipe

Dust Monitors

Sintrol dust monitors are based on a unique Inductive Electricity Technique. The measurement is based on particles interacting with an isolated sensor connected to the channel or stack. 

Flowmeter Hire

Flowline hire, clamp-on flowmeter for full pipe.

Electromagnetic meters for open channel.