Flowline Systems Ltd's Products

Flowline Systems Ltd specialises in supplying and hire of flow meters and flow metering systems for industry, as well as solving difficult flow measurement applications. Most of our Flowmeters are suitable for retrofitting into existing pipework or channels often without any interruption to the operation of your plant. We specialize in non-contact flow meters such as clamp-on ultrasonic liquid meyters and Radar sewer and open channel metering systems. We also have various Oil on Water Detectors and various data logging and engery calculation systems. 

Experience has shown that metering flows almost always results in more efficient plant operation and a drop in consumption, leading to significant cost savings, all you need is the right Flowmeters.

Sewer Flow Meters

Flowline offers The Raven-Eye Radar flow metering system suitable for in chamber sewer flow meter applications.

Rivers and Open Channel Flow Meters

Flowline can offer the Phoenix Radar non-contact flow metering system.
and the Beluga wetted Ultrasonic Doppler system.
and the UF800co series wetted Ultrasonic time of flight sysyem for ultimate accuracy.

Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Flowline offer Ultrasonic Clamp-on Time-of-Flight flowmeters from Ultraflux for water, oil and chemicals. 

Electromagnetic Liquid Flow Meters

Flowline offer Mag5100w Water meter, Mag1100 Chemical meter, Mag1100F Food grade liquid meters, Mag3100 Industrial meter and the Torpee Mag insertion Mag meter. These high accuracy meters are ideal for a wide range of conductive liquid flow measurement applications.

Steam Flow Meters

Flowline offers the DF25 and SYS-MMF Steam flow metering system. This can give you fully mass corrected steam readings from a single pipe tapping. Flowline also offer the RCM Flo-gage a compact Direct reading steam gauge.

Precision Gas Flow Meters

Flowline offer both Inline and Insertion, available using thermal mass, vortex and vane wheel technology. These meters are suitable for most gas flow measurements. Some variants are available in ATEX

Portable Gas Flow Measurement

Flowline offers Insertion, Thermal mass, Vortex and Vane Wheel flow technology sensor for precision gas flow measurement. Flowline can also offer Portable Pitot Systems, DP systems are suitable for dirty, hot and Industrial measurements.

Turbine & Displacement Liquid Flow Meters

Flowline offer a range of high quality all stainless steel turbine and other displacment flow meters suitable for most liquid flow applications. for Water, oils, chemicals, and many other liquids.

Industrial Flow Meters

Flowline offers a range of Industrial DP flow metering systems, insertion and Inline available, suitable for various liquids and gases.

Data Loggers

Flowline offer a range of loggers, basic and webenabled ones. They can alarm you to events, email reports and store all your data.

Pig and Interface Detectors

Flowline offers the MinsonicISD and MinisoincPSD give you clamp on Pigs and density measurements.

Oil on Water Detectors

Non Contact oil on water and algae bloom monitors

Hire Products

Flowline offer hire of the below battery powered;
Clamp-on Ultrasonic flowmeters , for full pipe liquids measurements
In chamber Sewer flow system
Ultrasonic pipe wall thickness gauges
Remote internet loggers for 4-20mA, Pulse & Modbus