Sewer Flow Meters

Sewer Flow Meter, non contact, The Raven-Eye

The Raven-Eye is a non-contact Radar flow meter for sewage flow measurements. The Raven-Eye uses radar technology to measure the flow from above the channel. The Raven-Eye is suitable for sewer flow measurements, flows to sewage treatment works, site discharge consent metering and final effluent flows.

The Raven-Eye can be combined with an IFQ Monitor to give a local display of Flow rate, FLow Level and Flow Total along wih 4-20mA and Modbus outputs, and error signalling.

The Raven-Eye and IFQ Monitor can be connected to our mydatalog EasyIoTmini, allowing continuous user free operation, emailed reports and alarms with full data accessible via the secure web portal

Flowline also offer remote monitoring of the system, servicing and maintenance packages.

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IFQ Monitor for the Raven-Eye, Phoenix and Beluga

The IFQ Monitor is a logger and display for the Raven-EyeBeluga and Phoenix flow velocity sensors.

The IFQ Monitor is either mains (115-230VAC) or DC powered (9-28VDC). The IFQ Monitor will power your connected sensor, either Raven-Eye, Beluga or Pheonix flow velocity sensor and the flow level sensor. The IFQ Monitor is easy to use and configure, it displays Flow Rate, Flow Level, Flow Velocity and Flow Total on the front screen.

The IFQ Monitor has three 4-20mA and Modbus outputs, it has system error and Flow Total relays and an internal data logger.

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