Sewer Flow Meters

Raven-Eye - Sewer Flow Meter

The Raven-Eye is an advanced, non-contact RADAR flow meter for open channel flow measurements. It uses non-contact radar technology to measure the flow from above the channel. Suitable for open channel flow measuremnets such as sewer flow measurements, river flow measurements, flow to sewage treatment works, discharge consent metering and final effluent flows.

The Raven-Eye is combined with IFQ Monitor to give you a local display, 4-20mA outputs, logging capability, and error signalling. Alternatively it can be connected to the Web enabled UNI-Trans for advanced multi sensor applications 

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IFQ Monior - Single Raven Eye Controller

The IFQ Monitor is an easy to use and configure converter and display (and optional logger) unit for the Raven Eye flow sensors. The IFQ Monitor connects to the Raven Eye flow sensor via RS485 and to an external level sensor (normally the ULS-02) via a 4-20mA . The IFQ Monitor has three 4-20mA outputs Flow, Level and Velocity all of which can easily configured via the key pad.

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Beluga Open Channel Flow Meter

Open Channel Ultrasonic Digital Doppler Flow Sensor

The Beluga is the newest ultrasonic Doppler area/velocity flow meter sensor for open channel flow measurements

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Ultrasonic Level Measurement

IMP is self-contained level measurement with style. Easy to install and simple to program and calibrate, IMP is available in 3m, 6m and 10m range versions and can be simply configured as either a 2- or 3-wire device.

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Flo-Dar Open Channel Flowmeter

After many years of excellent service the Flo-Dar has now been superseded by the Raven-Eye

We will of course continue to provide, service, spares and technical support for our many Flo-Dar customers.

Click through to the webpage and find out more about our Trade-In offers for existing Flo-Dar users.


Do you have a Flo-Dar system thats over 6 years old?

If you do, it will soon require a new back-up battery inside the control unit.

If you send your control unit back to us we will replace the battery, upgrade the firmware and if we have the original set-up in our archive, re-install the original site configuration.

We will carry out the above AT NO CHARGE!

If you prefer us to visit your site, we can do this for a very reasonable fixed price.  

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