EasyIoTmini Remote Access Data Logger

myDatalog EasyIoTmini, LTE (4G 5G) Data Logger


The EasyIoTmini is a next generation LTE (4G 5G) data logger that connects to your Analogue, digital or Modbus signals. Your data will be saved to the logger at a user defined interval. The logger will upload this data to the server at an interval ranging from 10mins to 1week, again this is user defined. Once the data is on the server it can be accessed by the user via a secure web portal, www.myDataWeb.co.uk. Here the data can be viewed in customizable graphs and tables, with full history.

The server can also send email alarms to you for events such as, loss of coms or power supply to the logger, flow events such as high or low flows, flow totals threshold, flow level alarms and others

The Server can also produce and email a custom report for you every day, week or month that can contain whatever data you need from the logger.


Inputs 4x Universal input channels

Optional Modbus RS485

Outputs 1x Switchable 3.3V power supply & 1x Switchable 15.4 or 23.8V power supply & 1x Switchable Isolated contact

Power supply 12-32VDC

Optional Internal battery: charges from external DC supply: will run and alarm users in even of power failure.

Dimensions (WHD) 86 x 175 x 64mm (without antenna)

Protection Class IP66

Data transmission 2G/M1/NB1 World

Data Accessible via www.mydataweb.co.uk and your own username and password

Data transmission to web page, fully customisable by user.

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