Steam Flow Meters


Steam Flow Meter, Insertion Pitot, DF25

Steam Flow measurement is important. The right Steam Flowmeter can save you money on your steam generation costs thus helping to reduce any Steam wastage. The DF25 Steam flow meter is designed for the minimum pressure drop saving you money. The DF25 Steam Pitot is designed to be an extremely accurate way to measure your steam flow.

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Steam Flow Gauge, Mechanical, Large Dial, Flo-Gage

Inline Mechanical Steam flow gauge with a direct reading dial. The Flo-Gage is a direct reading DP flow meter that displays your flow rate in a "speedometer" style display. As your flow increases the needle moves around the face of the display. These do not require any power to function and have large easy to read dials.

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Steam Flow, Differential Pressure Transmitter, 4-20mA, DSII

The DSIII is a premium steam flow meter transmitter. When combined with a suitable Primary Device, such as the DF25 Steam Pitot, it will give you a 4-20mA signal proportional to your steam flow rates for a fixed Temperature and Pressure.

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Steam Flow Computer, Mass corrected, Energy Computer, Logger, MODBUS, FP-3011

The FP-3011 Steam Flow Computer takes Differential Pressure, Absolute Pressure and Temperature signals and gives you a corrected output. This data is visible on the full-colour TFT screen and logged. Data is all accessible via USB or Modbus.

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Steam Flow, Multivariable transmitter, 4-20mA and Hart, IMV30T

The IMV30T is a Multivariable Transmitter with HART enable 4-20mA. This Multivariable Transmitter measures your differential pressure and absolute pressure. The IMV30T can also take a PT100 input to give you a full corrected steam flow output via the 4-20mA.

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