Steam Flow Meter, Insertion Pitot, DF25


Suitable for Steam Flow measurement on pipe DN100 and larger. The right Steam Flowmeter can save you money on your steam generation costs thus helping to reduce any Steam wastage. The DF25 Steam flow meter is designed for the minimum pressure drop saving you money. The DF25 Steam Pitot is designed to be an extremely accurate way to measure your steam flow.
The Systec DF25 is a very robust and durable Steam monitoring solution, it can be used in pressures up to 250bar and temperatures up to 600c. With its large 8mm diameter pressure portholes, it is far more resistant to blockages than many other standard pitot tubes. 
The Systec DF25 is a tailored solution for your needs, If required it can be supplied with temperature sensors and absolute pressure cells. Flowline can also provide a suitable DP Transmitter or a mass correcting Multivariable Transmitter or a Steam flow computer.

How it works

The DF25 Steam Pitot uses the well-established Differential Pressure (DP) measurement method. The DF25 is an insertion Steam flow Pitot tube which is installed across the internal diameter of the pipe. The DF25 creates a very small yet measurable differential pressure, that is measured a DP Transmitter or Multivariable Transmitter

Installation Information

The DF25 comprises of the pitot tube itself and the connection piece that is normally supplied to you as a weld-on flange stub, you simply drill a hole into your pipe and weld the stub over this hole. The DF25 Pitot is then inserted through the connection piece and flanged to it, therefore is removable if needed. All that is then required is to mount the DP Cell or Multivariable Transmitter on to the supplied 3way Manifold on the back of the DF25

Features & Benefits

Very Low Line Restriction - pressure loss is typically just a few mBar
Very Accurate Measurement - systems accuracy is typically 1% or better
Robust Construction - Pitot manufactured from 1.4571 (316Ti) for standard applications.
Insertion Type - ideal for retrofitting into an existing system with minimal modifications
Large 8mm pressure ports - helps prevent blockages in heavy dust load applications

Range Options

DF25’s is available for Gas and Liquids
Pressure up to 250Bar
Temperature range -200 < +1240°C.

Approvals and Certificates

Certifications: Ex / ATEX
3.1 and/or 2.2 material certificate EN 10204 on request

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Steam Flow Measurement
High-Pressure Steam
High-Temperature Steam

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