Flowmeter Hire

Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter Minisonic-P Hire

Flowline Offer the Ultraflux Portable Ultrasonic flow meter as a hire unit.
The Ultraflux Minsonic P can be used for measuring liquid flows in full pipes from 12mmOD-3300mmOD. The Clamp on probes remove the need to cut into pipe or stop the process. Accuracy up to 1%.
  • Easy to use, takes just minutes to setup. Full phone support included.
  • Non-invasive Measurement of most liquids
  • Upto 30hr battery life off internal battery alone
  • Often available for next day delivery
  • Price inculdes shipping to your UK mainland Address
Prices from £295+Vat per week

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Ultraflux UF801-P Portable Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow & Energy Logger Hire

The UF801-P is the most advanced Portable Flow meter from Ultraflux, the UF801P is a flowmeter and Clamp-on Energy Meter. Used for Energy metering of liquid flows. It has an internal data logger that can log all variables. 

Prices from £395+VAT Per Week.

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Insertion DP Flow Meter Hire

Flowline Offer an insertion steam flow meter as a hire unit.
The DF25 insertion steam flow meter is used for measuring flows in pipes 80mmOD and above.
Please note welding is required to attach meter to your pipe work.
All process data logged, DP AP Temperature and Flow
Data Accessible via our website, no need to download data or revisit meter.
Bi-weekly or longer term rental available

Prices from £495+Vat per week

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