Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter, MinisonicII Portable, HIRE

Portable Minisonic II Portable. Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Metermeter Hire.

Means of operation

The Minisonic II Portable is supplied clamp-on flow sensors. The clamp-on sensors need to be attached to the outside of your pipes. This is done at a given distance generated by the Minisonic II Portable, oOnce you program the converter with the pipe & media details, setup is simple and can be completed within a couple of minutes.
Clamp-on Probes eliminate the need to stop your flow or modify your pipework in any way, saving you downtime and money.

Kit Description

Minisonic II Portable is shipped and stored in a hard plastic carry case bag and is supplied with clamp-on sensors, a mains charger, the Y-cable for between probes and converter. The sensors supplied are selected based on the application information supplied at the time of rental.
Our price includes delivery to you (mainland UK only) Goods must be returned on an insured carrier, at your cost. You are expected to have all the loss and damage covered by your company insurance.

Features and Benefits

  • Long-life battery - Up to A massive 70h battery life
  • Lightweight at only 740g, and Ingress Protection IP67 - floats on water, this can save you the cost of replacement.
  • Measurement Resolution. The new meter has a resolution of 0.1ns, better than other leading meters.
  • Ergonomic keypad for ease of use
  • Large and high contrast LED for displaying, Flow rate, Flow total, Signal Quality, Speed of Sound, diagnostic messages and an Echo display 
  • Optional remote monitoring via a website, no need to visit the site
  • Optional full site support from a Flowline engineer

Applications and Users

  • Commissioning check of Pumps and Chillier systems
  • Building or Site mains Water Consumption Reviews
  • Automated Plant water usage monitoring
  • Boiler Feedwater Consumption Reviews
  • Fixed Flow Meter Verification
  • Temporary Flowmeter metering
  • Liquid flows (water, chemical products, refined or raw petroleum products)
  • Can be used on different pipes (steel, stainless steel, PVC, Aluminium, cement, cast iron, and carbon fibre)
  • Water Network management


  • Media that has heavy solid content or has high aeration content
  • Pipes that are part full pipes or Flexible hose/pipe
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