RCM Flo-Gage Compact Orifice Plate Style Flow Meter

RCM Inline Mechanical direct reading flow meters for Liquids, Gases or steam. The Flogage is a direct reading DP flow meter that displays your flow rate in a "speedometer" style, as your flow increases the needle moves around the face of the display. They do not require any power to function and have large easy to read dials

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Systec Deltaflow DF25 Averaging Pitot Tube

The Systec DF25 is an insertion Averaging Pitot Tube that can be easily installed into your existing pipe work. The Systec DF25 generates a far lower line restriction compared to many other Differential Pressure methods so will begin to save you money right away. The probe profile provides the highest accuracy. Available for pipes from 80mm to 2500mm. Perfect for Steam Flow measurement, Stack Emissions, Boiler Feed Water, Ultra-pure Water and many other applications including high pressure, high temperature flows.

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Systec Deltaflow DF12 Averaging Pitot Tube

The Systec DF12 is a smaller version of the Systec DF25, suitable for smaller pipes from DN20 to DN100. Perfect for Steam Flows, Stack emissions, boiler feed water, ultra pure water and many many other applications. 

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Systec Deltaflow DF44 Averaging Pitot Tube

The Systec DF44 is a larger version of the Systec DF25, suitable for smaller pipes from 250mm to 15000mm. Perfect for stack emissions, ventalation air and many many other applications.  From 250mm to 15000mm.

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Systec Deltaflow DF8 Orifice Plate 1-25 mm

The Systec DF8 has been designed for precise flow metering for small pipes. It comes as a spool piece and is able to measure steam, liquids and gases

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Insertion DP Flow Meter Hire

Flowline Offer an insertion steam flow meter as a hire unit.
The DF25 insertion steam flow meter is used for measuring flows in pipes 80mmOD and above.
Please note welding is required to attach meter to your pipe work.
All process data logged, DP AP Temperature and Flow
Data Accessible via our website, no need to download data or revisit meter.
Bi-weekly or longer term rental available

Prices from £495+Vat per week

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