Micro Orifice Plate 1-12mm bore DF8

The Systec DF8 flow spool is made for demanding flow measurement applications at small pipe diameters. The Systec DF8 may be used for pressures up to well over 400 bar and temperatures up to about 1000 °C and is resistant to plaque and stains. You do not have to compromise on accuracy: With an uncalibrated accuracy better than 2% and calibrated up to 0.5%, the DF8 is not only designed for rough conditions but is also created to work for measurement tasks with high accuracy demands.

Now the Systec DF8 has been completely redesigned, making it even more diverse with regard to process connections and materials: flanges, welding ends, cut ring connections and customised connections are possible. 

Besides the standard Material 316Ti, we can offer the DF8 in a variety of other material, depending on the needs of your application. Thus the Systec DF8 can be used for particularly corrosive applications.

Pipe Size: 1 to 25mm
Connection: R 1/2" (standard)
Pressure rate: 0 to 400 bars 
Temperature: -200…500°C (standard)
Materials: 1.4571 (ANSI/ASME 316Ti) (standard)

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