Turbine & Displacement Liquid Flow Meters

Inline Turbine Flow Meter, Industrial, Inline, NT

The high-quality Turbine Flow Meters are perfect for most liquid flow applications. Size range 3/8" to 6", flanged and threaded end fittings. Suitable for liquid fuels, Lubrication Oil, Hydraulic Oils, chemicals and many other liquids.

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Inline Oval Gear Flow Meter for Liquids

Oval Gear Flowmeters are suitable for liquid media, notably oils. Our oval gear meters are available in sizes from 1/4" to 3" with process connections with screwed BSP, NPT, or Flanged PN16 Ansi#150 and #300.

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Hygienic Turbine Flow Meter for liquids, Inline, BNO

High-quality Hygienic Turbine Flow Meters for liquid flow applications. Size range 1" to 3", RJT, ISS, or Tri-Clamp Hygenic fittings. Suitable for oils, Milk, Water and many other liquids. Can be supplied with a basic 4-20mA output only, or a screan with 4-20mA and pulse. Batch controller is also an optional extra 

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Flow Rate and Totalizer display with outputs, F110

This unit takes a 4-20mA or pulse signal from your Flowmeter and then displays and outputs your Flow rate and flow total on a display and via 4-20mA and pulse outputs.

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Panel mount - Batch Controller - N410

The N410 is a compact and easy to use batch controller. It will take a pulse or 4-20mA flow input from your flow sensor. The N410 then needs to be connected to your valve or pump to control your process.

You enter your required batch size via the numerical keypad, press start and the N410 will activate a relay to open your valve/start your pump. The N410 then counts the flow until it reaches the entred flow volume, at this point the relay is switched again and the flows will stop.

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