inline Hygienic Turbine Flow Meter for liquids, Inline, BNO


The BNO series flowmeters have been designed specifically for high accuracy flow measurement and batch control in the liquid food industries and conform to the same exacting standards as our NT industrial flowmeters so far as performance
is concerned.

The materials used in construction ensure that no corrosive attack occurs when in-place and cleaning agents are used.

Manufactured entirely from stainless steel, except the bearing bushes which are normally of PTFE/Carbon. There are no seals or 'O' rings, nor any internal screw threads. Rotors are machined from the solid, and bearing supports (hangers) are stepped in order to reduce the contact between hanger and meter internal bore. 

Operating Principle

A ferritic stainless steel rotor revolves within a non-magnetic housing on the outside of which is located a pick-off coil containing a permanent magnet, the reluctance of the magnetic circuit is changed, and small a.c. voltage is generated in the coil. The frequency of the a.c. voltage is proportional to flow rate, and the total number of pulses produced represents total flow passed through the meter.

The flowmeter may be located some considerable distance from the associated secondary instrument, and remote flowrate indication, total flow, and most important remote batch control are thus possible.


  • Minimum of bacteria breeding crevices 
  • Simple robust design
  • Easy one circlip dismantling
  • Strong rotor design
  • Long bearing life
  • Steam cleaning permissible
  • Hot detergent Sterilizing permissible
  • Excellent repeatability for batching
  • Wide variety of end fittings available 
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