Steam Flow Gauge, Mechanical, Large Dial, Flo-Gage

Direct reading Flowmeter, Mechanical, Flo-Gage

Flo-Gage - The Universal Flowmeter

The RCM Flo-Gage is a direct reading flowmeter with a large easy to read dial calibrated in engineering units (m3/hr, SCFM, l/m etc.). The meter is self-contained and does not require external power connections, separate orifices or blocking, purging or equalizing valves.

The Flo-Gage is suitable for measuring water, oil and most other low viscosity liquids. Flo-Gage is also suitable for measuring compressed air, oxygen, carbon dioxide and many other non-toxic compressed gases. Saturated steam can also be measured up to 120 PSIG. (Option K).Typical applications include Lube oil monitoring, blending processes, cooling water, reverse osmosis systems and compressed air measurement.

How it works

The principle of measurement for the RCM Flo-gage is Differential Pressure across the internal orifice plate. The pressure lines are connected to a pair of mechanical bellows that move a needle across the face of the Dial.

All you have to do is connect it to your line, no need for power


Features and Benefits

  • Sturdy, in-line, meter construction withstand piping stresses

  • Dial won't crack, glaze or become hard to read

  • Expanded Analogue 270o dial for reading at a glance

  • Large 3.5” (90mm) dial

  • Suitable for use with both opaque and clear fluids

  • Measures 6:1 with 3% F.S. accuracy


Technical Details for standard units

Accuracy                     : 3% of full-scale reading

Temp Range                : -34coc

Pressure Range            : 0.66-12.3 BarA

Repeatability               : +/- 1%


Range Options

Wafer units (8000’s) available for 8mm-200mm Pipes (1/4”-8”)

Threaded units (7000’s) available for 8mm-80mm Pipes (1/4”-3”)

High Pressure to 28.1BarA

High-Temperature options to 177oc

Signal outputs available

Varies Seals, Case and dial options available


Typical applications include

Water such as Cooling water, reverse osmosis systems.

Oil and most other low viscosity liquids.

Compressed air, oxygen, carbon dioxide and many other non-toxic compressed gases. 

Saturated steam can also be measured at pressures up to 8.2BarG



Flows is partials or dust loads

High viscosity liquids

Superheated Steam Flows

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