Sewer Flow Meter, non contact, The Raven-Eye

Raven-Eye Non-Contact Sewer Flowmeter

The Raven-Eye is a sewer flowmeter that is designed for in chamber sewage flow measurements. It can also be used for other applications such as effluent discharge. The Raven-Eye is ideal for retro-fitting into existing chambers without the need for civil works or flow shutdowns.

The Raven-Eye is mounted above the flow surface and measures the flow velocity using the radar and the flow depth using a level sensor (ultrasonic, radar). The flow rate is calculated with this velocity and level data. Non-contact means, no routine cleaning needed, no ragging, no fouling.

The Raven-Eye & IFQ Monitor system when combined with a Modbus RTU myDatalog EasyIoTmini logger can send email alarms for flow events such as, high flow, high level, power loss ect... it can also email periodic reports for flow data summary.

Installation, Service and Support

We can offer a sewer installation service, our trained confined space qualified teams can carry out a sewer sensor installation.

Flowline also offer

2 years warranty on Raven-Eye System
Optional remote moinitoring of your Raven-Eye System
Optional annual servicing of your Raven-Eye System
Optional various maintenance packages and standby spares for your Raven-Eye System

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