River and Open Channel Flow Meter, The Phoenix

The Phoenix Non-Contact Flowmeter

The Phoenix is a river flow meter that is mounted above the flow surface. The Phoenix measures the flow velocity using radar technology and measures the flow depth using either an ultrasonic or radar level sensor. The flow rate is calculated using this velocity and level data along with a programmed channel profile. Non-contact means, no routine cleaning needed, no ragging, no fouling.

Remote rivers or steams using batteries, solar panels and web-enabled easyIoT loggers.
Open Channels such as storm drains, flows to works, Rivers, Steams and Large effluent outfall

Flowline also offer
2 years warranty on Phoenix System
Optional remote monitoring of your Phoenix System
Optional annual servicing of your Phoenix System
Optional various maintenance packages and standby spares for your Phoenix System

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Available Downloads

The following Downloads are available: 

Phoenix - Datasheet