River and Open Channel Flow Meters, Phoenix

The Phoenix Non-Contact Area-Velocity Flowmeter

The Phoenix is the next generation RADAR Flowmeters, suitable for River Flow Measurements. Flowline has been supplying and installing RADAR flowmeters for over 20 years. 

The Phoenix is mounted above the water surface and measures the flow velocity using the radar technology and the flow depth using a level sensor (ultrasonic, radar or pressure). The flow rate is calculated by applying the continuity equation:  Q = V x A

Non-contact means, no routine cleaning needed, no ragging, no fouling, and because the sensor uses RADAR there are no lenses or mechanical moving parts inside.


Remote rivers or steams using Solar power and web-enabled,

Open Channel such as flows to works, Rivers, and Steams

Large Effluent outfalls 

Installation, Service, and Support

We can offer a full installation service, carried out by our fully trained enclosed spaces team. Please ask for details 

We believe any product we sell should be fully supported by us, in the UK, no factory returns or long waits for service. So we are happy to offer our customers the following support.

2 years warranty

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