Raven-Eye - Stream and River Flow Meter

The Raven-Eye  Non-Contact Area-Velocity Flowmeter

The Raven-Eye is the next generation RADAR Flowmeter, suitable for River Flow Measurements. Flowline have been supplying and installaing RADAR flowmeters for over 15 years. 

The Raven Eye is mounted above the water surface and measures the flow velocity using the radar technology and the flow depth using a level sensor (ultrasonic, radar or pressure). The flow rate is calculated by applying the continuity equation:  Q = V x A

Non-contact means, no routine cleaning needed, no ragging, no fouling, and because the sensor uses RADAR there are no lenses or mechanical moving parts inside.

Visit The Raven-Eye Micro Site http://www.raven-eye.eu/en.html

Applications? We like to say "YES"!

Solar power, off grid, web enabled, Atex?  YES! 

Open Channel, Rivers and Steams  Flow Measurement YES!

Stream and River Flow Measurement YES

MCERTS? Undergoing certification now!

Installation, Service and Support

We can offer a full installation service, our trained, confined space qualified teams can carry out a complete installation service, ask us for details. 

We believe any product we sell should be fully supported by us, in the UK, no factory returns or long waits for service.

So we are happy to offer our customers the following support.

5 years warranty

Lifetime sensor exchange service: If you have a problem with a system we have installed, call us in normal working hours, we will ship you an exchange sensor for next day delivery, send yours back, we will check it and repair it in as soon as possible.

Raven-Eye namesake!

The "real" Raven-Eye! Find out more about our meters namesake by visiting http://www.ravenhaven.co.uk/index.htm 

Raven Haven are the UK's foremost experts on Ravens and a Raven rescue centre. If you can, help them with a contribution.
Flowline makes a donation for every Raven-Eye we sell!
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