Flow Computer, Mass corrected, Energy Computer, Logger, MODBUS, FP-3011

ï‚· 5 inputs for process data
ï‚· User-configurable data presentation on colour TFT display
ï‚· Math functions - sum, difference and ratio
ï‚· Advanced data recording for process values and totalisers
ï‚· USB port for data transfer
ï‚· Alarm & control functions, 4 output relays
ï‚· RS485 communication port, ASCII and Modbus RTU protocols
ï‚· Ethernet port, Modbus TCP and server WWW
ï‚· Analog 4-20mA output (option)
ï‚· Software for configuration and recorded data presentation

ï‚· Measurement of steam and water in various industrial installations
ï‚· Measurements of industrial gases and typical/special liquids (like glycol, supercooled water, oils) in heat
exchange systems with the possibility of local alarming or simple control implementation
ï‚· Application in distributed control systems with local measurement and data display
ï‚· Systems with precise data logging for audit trails

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