Pitot tube system for live Insertion/removal DF25QL

The Systec DF25QL is a hot tap insertion Averaging Pitot Tube that can be easily installed into your existing pipework. The Systec DF25QL can be installed into a live pipe via an existing flange connection. The DF25QL generates a far lower line restriction compared to many other Differential Pressure methods. Perfect for Steam Flows, Stack Emissions, Boiler Feed Water, ultra-pure Water where your flow cannot be stopped.

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IFQ Monitor for the Raven-Eye, Phoenix and Beluga

The IFQ Monitor is a display and logger for the Raven-EyeBeluga and Phoenix flow velocity sensors.

The IFQ Monitor is either mains (115-230VAC) or DC powered (9-28VDC). The IFQ Monitor will power your connected sensors, either Raven-Eye, Beluga or Pheonix flow velocity sensor and the flow level sensor. The IFQ Monitor is easy to use and configure via the keypad or Fuzion sowftware. The IFQ Monitor displays flow rate, flow level, flow velocity and flow total on the front screen.

The IFQ Monitor has two 4-20mA outputs and a Modbus RTU over RS485output, it also has system error and flow total relays.

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Open Channel Flow Meter, Doppler, Wetted, Beluga

The Beluga is a wetted open channel ultrasonic doppler flow velocity sensor.
The Beluga uses dopper ultrasonic technology to measure the flow velocity from inside your channel. The Beluga is suitable for clean water flow measurements applications. 

The Beluga can be combined with an IFQ Monitor to give a local display, 4-20mA and Modbus RTU outputs, and relay error and total signalling. It can also be connected to our web-enabled easyIoTmini loggers, for remote data access and alarms.
The system can also be solar powered and web-enabled easyIoTmini loggers, allowing remote and continuous user free operation.

Flowline also offer remote monitoring of the system, servicing and maintainance packages.

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Portable Clamp on Flow Meter with Datalogger, MinisonicIIP

The MinisonicII Portable is a handheld, battery-powered, clamp-on flowmeter with an internal flow logger. It has a high-contrast LED display, a long-life battery. With a range of sensors that are suitable for pipes from 10mmOD to 10 meters. It is an ideal test piece if you have pipes you need to know the flow quickly and easily.

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Electromagnetic Flow Meter, MAG5100w, HIRE

Flowline Offer the Siemens Mag5100w Inline Mag meter for hire.

The Mag5100w is an inline Mag meter that we stock for pipes from 1"<6". The meter would be supplied complete with a Flow converter and a break out box for ease of wiring, simply connect your power supply and any logger you may already have or that we can also provide this for you.

  • Can be shipped pre-programmed (flow and total units, outputs etc.)
  • Clear bore, no flow obstructions
  • Next day delivery often available
  • Price includes shipping to your UK mainland address, you must return the unit to us.
  • Nuts and Bolts NOT provided 

Prices from £195+Vat per week - card payments accepted

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Inline Turbine Flow Meter for liquids, NT range, HIRE

Flowline can provide you with the hire of high quality inline stainless steel turbine flow meters. Sizes range 3/8" to 6", with male BSP threaded end fittings. They are perfect for most liquid flow applications such as water light fuels, Lubrication Oil, Hydraulic Oils, chemicals and many other liquids.

  • No programming or setup needed.
  • Next day delivery often available.
  • Shipped in an easy to read remote display.
  • Price includes shipping to your UK mainland address, you must return the unit to us.
  • Turbine will be shipped with male BSP threads.

Prices from £145+Vat per week - card payments accepted

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Inline Oval Gear Flow Meter for Liquids

Oval Gear Flowmeters are suitable for liquid media, notably oils. Our oval gear meters are available in sizes from 1/4" to 3" with process connections with screwed BSP, NPT, or Flanged PN16 Ansi#150 and #300.

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Fixed Clamp on Flow Meter with Datalogger, Minisonic

The new Minsonic is an AC powered, fixed Clamp-on flow meter with an internal datalogger 

The Minisonic is suitable for pipes from 6mmOD all the way up to 10meters. it is suitable for medias that are   water based. Easy installation with no flow shut down required. Simple setup via front keypad.

The Minisonic has a 4-20mA output, 2off isolated contact outputs, Mobus TCP through Ethernet, internal data logger downloaded via USB

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Insertion Mag meter, Torpee Mag

The TORPEE-MAG is a hot tap, full profile, insertion flowmeter. Multiple electrodes placed across the entire sensor body at an equal area spacing, measure & report the average flow rate over the full diameter of the pipe. The specific design of the multi-electrode sensor compensates for variable flow profiles, including swirl and turbulent conditions allowing installation without calibration on site.

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