The MINISONIC P is The Ultimate Portable Flow Metering Tool.

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Using the Accurate Time of Flight principle

The Minisonic P flow meter measures flow in pipes without any contact with the flow itself. Clamp-on probes are simply attached to the outside of the pipe, the simple step-by-step instructions will guide you through the set-up.

The Minisonic is a proven Flowmeter from Ultraflux, we have been Ultraflux's UK partner for over 35years.

 Features and Benefits  

  • Long-life battery - Up to a massive 30h internal battery life, external battery packs also available.
  • Lightweight at only 850g, and Ingress Protection IP67 - floats on water.
  • Measurement Resolution. The new meter has a resolution of 0.1ns.
  • Ergonomic keypad for ease of use
  • LCD display shows: Flow rate, Flow total, Signal Quality, Speed of Sound and diagnostic messages
  • Programmable backlight for power saving
  • Dynamic gain up to 89 dB
  • Software included for setup archiving and Logging directly to PC

Applications and Users

  • Commissioning of Pumps and Chiller systems
  • Building or Site mains Water Consumption Reviews
  • Automated Plant water usage monitoring
  • Boiler Feedwater Consumption Reviews
  • Fixed Flow Meter Verification
  • Temporary metering
  • Liquid flows (water, chemical products, refined or raw petroleum products)
  • Can be used on different pipes (steel, stainless steel, PVC, Aluminium, cement, cast iron and carbon fibre)
  • Network management


  • Media that has heavy solid content or has high aeration content
  • Pipes that are part full pipes or Flexible hose/pipe
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