Oil on Water Detector, Non-Contact, EXD, ROW


The ROW (Remote Optical Watcher) is an autonomous non-contact sensor that detects oil on water and land. The system requires no routine cleaning, can be used on still or fast moving water flows, is robust and easy to install. The aluminium sensor is the most widely used version and is suitable for non-aggressive non-ATEX locations.

Ideal for use in combination with our range of non-contact radar flow meters.

 Features and Benefits

  • Non-contact, cannot get fouled, no routine cleaning needed.
  • Low power consumption, ideal for remote off-grid locations.
  • Sealed enclosure for maximum robustness.
  • Can be located up to 10m from the water surface.
  • Configured via free software. Detection sensitivity and output alarm settings fully configurable.
  • On board diagnostics.

 Technical Details

  • Sensitivity: > 1 micrometre oil film.
  • Maximum Range to surface: 10m
  • Operation temperature: -30 to +60 Deg C
  • Enclosure: Stainless Steel 316L, 669x142x143mm
  • Protection: IP68. Exd Atex Zone 1
  • Outputs:4-20mA, Relay Contact, RS-485
  • Power supply: 12-30 VDC. <2W


  • Effluent Works Inlet Flows
  • Power Station Discharges
  • Oil storage facilities
  • Harbours
  • Airport runoff flows
  • Road Tanker Loading facilities
  • Sewer flows

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