Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow meter, Single or Dual Pipe/Chord, UF811

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement
The UF811 flow meter measures the velocity of a fluid with ultrasound to calculate average velocity in a pipe. This is done by averaging the difference in measured transit time between the pulses of ultrasound travelling with and against the direction of the flow.

Means of operation
The UF811 can use clamp-on probes or inline wetted probes. The Clamp probes on are simply attached to the outside of the pipe and connected to the UF811. Clamp-on Probes eliminate the need to stop your flow or modify your pipework in any way. Saving you downtime and money.

The UF811 is the latest Flow Transmitter from Ultraflux who have over 40 years of experience in ultrasonic flow measurement.

External Diameter of pipe From 10mm to 10,000mm
Number of Chords/ number of Pipes   Single Chord Single Channel, Single Pipe Dual Channel, Single Chords Dual pipe
Logger 8MB data logger, 1sec-24hr log interval with up to 536'886 records
Communication Serial link RS232 or RS485 to JBUS/MODBUS protocol, USB port
Power supply Low voltage power supply 10-32V dc Enclosure Metallic Robust and compact, 2kg, 221mm x 231mm x 59mm, IP67
Temperature range -20°C to 70°C (Screen reading from -20°C to 60°C)
Display Graphical LCD screen (14 lines x 20 characters) Backlit
Input/Output Modals available maximum 4! Please see quote detail for your modals

Features and Benefits  

  • Easy Use, Keypad and display as standard, Graphic Screen with Echo, Gain and quality displayed
  • Versatile, Multi-Parameter logger, Multiple-Input and output options
  • Reliable Measurement,  Ten Flow calculations per second, Auto calibration of Zeroflow

Typical Applications
Drinking water:
Flow measurement and metering in treatment station works, abstraction flow measurement
Flow measurement at pumping stations, in systems, inlets/outfalls in treatment works
Raw water:
Flow measurement in fire mains, system monitoring
Chemical products, including aggressive chemicals:
Flow measurement for acids, chlorides
Pharmaceutical sector:
Ultrapure water flows Automotive, food and farming, energy...

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