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Minisonic PSD

Minisonic PSD (Pig * Sphere Detector) permits the detection of the passage of spheres and pigs in a pipeline. This detection is made when an acoustic signal transmitted through the pipe wall is interrupted. An external probe is used for liquids and an intrusive probe for gas.

* a Pig is a scraper or a separating sphere.

Typical Applications:

  • Detection in a pipeline and counting the passage of spheres which separate the fluids for the monitoring of oil products or gas transportation and for the detection of product changes.
  • All pipe diameters from 4 " to 60"
  • Programmable sound range : 500 to 2000 m/s
  • Wide range of measurable fluids


  • high-velocity pig and sphere detector
  • detection independent of the flow direction
  • the probe can be buried
  • easy installation without cutting the pipe
  • no routine servicing
  • no pressure drop
  • no moving parts
  • no constraint of a straight length of pipe
  • Fast response time
  • no recalibration
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