Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Air & Gases, Inline, TADi

How it works
The Thermal Mass Flow Sensor attempts to achieve a given sensor temperature. As the media passes over the sensor the sensor is cooled. The amount of current needed to maintain the sensor temperature is measured and is proportional to the Flow Rate.

User Info
The TADi is an inline thermal mass meter that is simple to use. Once fitted into your line via the screw connectors, you simply add power (24VDC) The TADi will then give you a 4-20mA output for flow and if available show the flow rates and total on the LCD.

Features and Benefits
No Moving Parts - reducing wear and tear and recalibration requirements
Thin-film sensor element - gives a fast response time
Calibration Certificate provided

Technical Details
Typical Accuracy of 2-3%
Suitable for Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon flows.
Pressure range 0.2BarA
Maximum Temperature -100coc
24VDC (less than 5watts consumption)
4-20mA Output for flow

Range Options
8mm, 16mm 21.6mm 27.2mm 35.9mm and 41.8mm ID bores available
60Nm/s, 120Nm/s, and 150Nm/s Flow Ranges
LCD display for local flow

Applications and Users
Compressed Gases Flow Usage Monitoring
Compressed Gases leak detection

Not suitable for high humidity Flows (condensing liquids)
Not suitable for flows with dust and or partials

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Available Downloads
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