Portable Flow Converter Flowtherm NT2.0 with Insertion Thermal Mass sensor TA10

Portable Battery power FLOWTHERM NT.2 with Flow a Thermal sensor

Several distinctive features make the flowtherm NT.2 a user-friendly handheld unit with a wide range of application possibilities resulting from the diversity of the connectable sensors.
Battery operation.
Internal data logger allows storage of up to 40,000 values with date and time.
Up to 100 different profiles can be stored for user or measuring points.
Various measurement modes (also long-term measurement).
Thanks to the USB interface, the logged data can be downloaded to a PC for configuration.
The flowtherm NT.2 has the following inputs: flow sensors (TA, FA, VA); Pt100; 4-20 mA; 0-10 V.

Thermal Flow probe TA10 is suitable for most Gases

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