Interface and Pig Detector, Clamp On Ultrasonic, Multi Product Pipelines, ISD

Minisonic ISD

MINISONIC ISD detects the change of product in a pipeline by measuring the speed of sound. The speed of sound is a physical property of the product and is associated with density.

Minisonic ISD also detects the passage of pigs and spheres in a pipeline through the analysis of the acoustic signal.

The measurement of the speed of sound depends on the temperature and pressure, so correction for these factors is sometimes required.

The Minisonic ISD is available in a standard or ATEX explosion-proof enclosure.

Typical Applications:

  • measurement of the speed of sound which has a correlation to density and concentration (giving an early warning of refined oil interface on oil pipelines)
  • interface detection of product change
  • the detection of the passage of spheres
  • pipe diameters from 4" to 60" programmable measurements : 500 to 2000m/s


  • the external probe can be buried without any contact with the liquid
  • easy installation without cutting into the pipe
  • no shut down of the process
  • a static system without parts wear out or a need for servicing
  • zero pressure drop
  • no constraint of straight piping length
  • fast response time
  • great sensitivity great accuracy: speed of sound resolution to +/-0.1m/s with a rate of 200Hz Probes 
  • cost independent of the pipe size
  • possible compensation of pressure and temperature influence
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