Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Gas, Insertion, TA10

Thermal Mass flow meters for measurement of gases and air flows.

Höntzsch TA10b sensors use a thin film sensor element. Thin film sensor elements consist of an electrically heated Ni-resistor an a Ni-resistor temperature probe.

Höntzsch TA20 sensors and measuring tubes TA Di consist of an electrically heated Pt100 and two Pt100 temperature probes. One of the two temperature probes measures the temperature of the electrically heated Pt100, the other the temperature of the flowing gas.

Höntzsch thermal flow sensors (TA) are able to measure not only the lowest but also high velocities and meet all requirements for industrial application:


  • chemical corrosion resistance                             
  • robust mechanical design
  • small dimensions
  • easy to clean wide measuring range 
  • wide measuring range                      

Thermal flow sensor TA10

For measuring standard velocity, standard volume flow and temperature of medium

Types of probes TA10

  • Measuring range 0,2...120 Nm/s
  • Probe diameter 10 mm
  • Working temperature range: -10 °C...+140 °C;
  • Maximum working pressure: 10 bar pressure above atmospheric
  • Probe tube materials: stainless steel 1.4571, 1.4305, polyamide, epoxy resin, glass

Measuring tubes TA·Di...

Measuring tube for registering standard volume flow, air mass flow and temperature of air.


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