Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Air & Gases, Insertion, TA10

Thermal Mass flow meters for gases and air flows.

Höntzsch TA10 sensors use a thin film sensor element using the heat transfer method of flow measurement. This allows the TA10 to measure air velocity as low as 0.2Nm/s.
The TA10 thermal flow sensors have a diameter of just 10mm and are constructed from stainless steel, they are easy to install via a 1/2" BSP fitting, have no moving parts and produce a negligible pressure drop thereby giving you a hassle-free installation and long working life.

The TA10 can be supplied with just a 4-20mA and pulse output or with an optional Keypad and Display that will allow easy local reading of your flow rate. A WiFi option is also available allowing you to access your setting and flow rates remotely.

Thermal flow sensor TA10

For measuring standard velocity, standard volume flow and temperature of the medium

Types of probes TA10

  • Ranges 0,2<60Nm/s, 0.2<120Nm/s 0.2<150Nm/s 0.2<180Nm/s 0.2<200Nm/s
  • Probe diameter 10 mm
  • Working temperature range: -10 °C...+140 °C;
  • Maximum working pressure: 16 bar pressure above atmospheric
  • Probe wetted materials: stainless steel 1.4571, 1.4305, 1.4404 glass, epoxy resin.

TA10 Measuring Uncertainty
Measurement uncertainty for flow velocities Nv with 1014mBar and +21 °C less than/equal to 40 m/s : 2 % of test value + 0.02 m/s greater than 40 m/s : 2.5 % of test value

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