Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Air & Gases, Insertion, TA10

Thermal Mass flow meters for gases and air flows.

This is thermal flow meter is a TA10 ZG2d flow probe with integrated transducer U10b, with optional LCD and Keypad and Wifi commmunications

Höntzsch TA10 sensors use a thin film sensor element using the heat transfer method of flow measurement. This allows the TA10 to measure air velocity as low as 0.2Nm/s.
The TA10 thermal flow sensors have a diameter of just 10mm and are constructed from stainless steel, they are easy to install via a 1/2" BSP fitting, with no moving parts and producing a negligible pressure drop the TA10 gives you a hassle-free installation and long working life.

The TA10 can be supplied with just a 4-20mA and pulse output or with an optional Keypad and Display that will allow easy local reading of your flow rate. A WiFi option is also available allowing you to access your setting and flow rates remotely.

Types of probes TA10

  • Ranges 0,2<60Nm/s, 0.2<120Nm/s 0.2<150Nm/s 0.2<180Nm/s 0.2<200Nm/s
  • Probe diameter 10 mm
  • Working temperature range: -10 °C...+140 °C;
  • Maximum working pressure: 16 bar pressure above atmospheric
  • Probe wetted materials: stainless steel 1.4571, 1.4305, 1.4404 glass, epoxy resin.

TA10 Measuring Uncertainty
Measurement uncertainty for flow velocities Nv with 1014mBar and +21 °C less than/equal to 40 m/s : 2 % of test value + 0.02 m/s greater than 40 m/s : 2.5 % of test value

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