Pitot tube system for live Insertion/removal DF25QL

The Systec DF25QL is a hot tap insertion Averaging Pitot Tube that can be easily installed into your existing pipe work. The Systec DF25QL can be installed into a live pipe via an existing flange connection. The DF25QL generates a far lower line restriction compared to many other Differential Pressure methods. Perfect for Steam Flows, Stack Emissions, Boiler Feed Water, ultra-pure Water where your flow cannot be stopped.

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Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Gas, Inline, ATEX, TADI-EXD

The TADi-EXD are a range of inline thermal mass meters from 16mm ID to 41.8mm that provide a very small measurement uncertainty. They are suitable for compressed gases. Complete with Calibration Certifcates and an optional LCD display. You simply screw them into your line, add power (24VDC) and you will start to get your flow rate delivered via the 4-20mA output. Suitable for use in ATEX areas. 

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Compressed Air Flow meter, inline, DFCV

The DFCV is a low cost, budget insertion compressed air flow meter. It gives a 4-20mA for Flow or Temperature and 0-10V output either Flow or Pressure. It is inline with a threaded connection .This is a perfect solution for compressed air lines.

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