Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Gas, Insertion, ATEX TA10/15EXD

Thermal flow sensor in probe design with shaft diameter 10/15 mm and transducer UTA integrated in the Exd explosion-proof connection housing. For insertion in pipes with inside diameter 40 mm. Probe material: stainless steel. Working temperature range -10 °C ... +180 °C. Working pressure up to 16 bar g.

Suitable for fixed measuring of standard flow velocity Nv [m/s], standard flow rate NV/t [m³/h] and standard quantity (volume) NV [m³].

Measuring of air/gas velocity, compressed air and gas consumption, leakage flows, laminar flow in cleanrooms or machines, in outgoing air, burner supply air and draughts, in ventilation and air conditioning, the air in low vacuum range greater than 200 hPa

Output signals:
- 4-20 mA (flow-proportional)
- quantity pulse / limit value
- HART communication

Configurable via HART communication

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