Portable Flow Meter Case Study

Posted: April 4th 2013



GILLETTE manufacture a wide range of aerosol products for the personal hygiene industry, such as shaving gels and deodorants.


Gillette had an application where there was a primary requirement to measure the flow of heating oil around the process plant. The temperature of the heating oil was approximately 140 C. An instrument was needed that would not interrupt the process or cause any downtime, plus the meter could be used for other applications like water and refrigerant flows around the site. Also Gillette had a portable ultrasonic meter that was large, heavy and out of date as a metering technology.


The ULTRAFLUX MINISONIC P was proposed as the ideal solution.. Designed to clamp on to the outside of a pipe, the meter can be used on pipes from 10 mm 3300mm dia depending on the sensors selected and the application requirements. The fluid temperature can be as high as 180 C providing the correct sensors are selected.  It can be used on a whole range of liquids, from pure water, fuel and refrigerants, to brines and sludge’s and solid laden liquids. It is designed to suit a more conservative pocket and offers a digital display of flow rate and total with industry standard outputs if logged flows are required.  It comes with free software which is really easy to use, and when used with the meter, the software will automatically export data to excel and draw a graph.


  • MINISONIC P - pipe i. d. up to 3300 mm.
  • A massive 40 h battery life
  • Very light weight at 850g, and it floats!!
  • Ingress Protection IP 67
  • Measurement Technology ‘ESC’ (or Echo Shape Control), this is an automatic function, essentially an Ultrasonic Auto-focus, which offers the warranty of quick, sure and accurate flow measurement.
  • Measurement Resolution. The new meter has a resolution of 0.1ns, at least three times better than other leading manufacturers.
  • Problem applications. New probes are available using a crystal matrix composite. This technology increases signal strength by 2-4 times, reduces pipe noise and improves the acoustic signal.
  • LCD display, rate, total and diagnostic messages - programmable backlight
  • Dynamic gain up to 89 db

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