Metering Saves Money!

Posted: June 4th 2013

Monitoring saves water and money

Flowline have carried out many flow surveys at water companies and industry sites, we are firm believers in the principle of “measurement reduces consumption”, there are a number of areas where measuring flows can identify leakage, reduce consumption and save money:

Identifying leakage

We can monitor flows in closed, full pipes using our non-invasive ultrasonic range of meters, they require no shutdown to install/remove and provide accurate flow readings in large and small pipes, data can be automatically sent to a web page.

Measuring infiltration

Using our range of web enabled sewer/drain flow meters a flow survey will highlight increases in flows caused by rainwater or leakage water entering the sewer network

Measuring effluent discharges                                                                                                                                          

Many manufacturing/Processing companies are billed for their waste water/effluent based on a % of their incoming metered water, typically this is 80% to 95%, this figure is only estimated.By measuring the actual discharge flows significant savings can be made.

Replacing existing meters

An existing flowmeter may appear to be operating correctly, it may even have an Mcert certificate, however it may be reading incorrectly due to changes in site conditions i.e. a flow backing up and drowning a flume. We have supplied many systems that have replaced existing “working” equipment and provided customers with large savings in effluent charges.

What can Flowline offer?

  • An initial site visit will allow us to identify your requirements and assess the suitability of your site for a flow survey.
  • The survey itself, over an agreed period and number of points can be monitored with results immediately available to you via  our website.
  • Flowline will offer new/replacement metering solutions, our scope can include, supply and installation, service.

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