Flowline Case Study - Raven Eye Radar Measurement Device

Background -

The customer was a pharmaceutical research company, looking to monitor the final effluent discharge from their processes.

Problem -

The customer’s sewer system was sealed, in order to prevent leakage. The pipes were running part full under normal circumstances, however, the pipes would become full with occasional surcharge, as well as the flow meters were required to be non-contact instrumentation.

Solution -

Flowline provided a unique solution of a hybrid between two non-contact meters; The Raven-Eye Radar flow meter and the Minisonic600 Ultrasonic flow meter. The combination of these two meters was chosen as they fit the customer’s requirements for non-contact flow meters, as well as being able to monitor the pipe whether it was part full, or had filled completely due to surcharge. In addition to this, a special control unit was supplied, in order to switch which device is monitoring the flow when required.

Meter Specifications -

Raven Eye -

For technical details on the Raven Eye, click here.

Minisonic600 -

For technical details on the Minisonic 600, click here.


Contact -


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