Ultraflux UF801-P Portable Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow & Energy Logger Hire

The UF801-P is one of the most advanced portable ultrasonic flow meters

One of the most advanced portable ultrasonic flow and Clamp-on Energy Meters available. Incorporating over 30 years of practical field experience the UF 801-P is the ideal portable flow meter for your diagnosis and monitoring requirements. Featuring long battery life and clamp on probe technology using the measurement principle (Time of Transit Time) which has been Ultraflux's speciality for over 40 years. User-friendly and ergonomic, UF 801-P is designed for ease of use with optimum performance. The UF 801-P uses Ultraflux's next generation Digital Signal Processing (DSP), there for, flows in a wide range of pipe sizes can be measured. The meter gives accurate, reliable results even under extreme measurement conditions.

Features include :

  • very lightweight at approx 1Kg
  • Ingress protection IP 67
  • Integral data logger, with over 6 months capacity at 2 min intervals

The UF-801 offers other important advantages :

  • Measurement resolution < 0.1 ns
  • A higher amplification gain range and noise rejection
  • An ergonomic keypad and menu calibration, back-lit display

Typical Applications:

  • Liquid flows (water, chemical products, refined or raw petroleum products)
  • Can be used on different pipes (steel, stainless steel, asbestos cement, cast iron, carbon fibre)
  • Water Network management
  • Inline Magnetic flow meter verification


UF 801-P is stored in a carrying bag. A charger is supplied, along with the cables between probes and converter (l = 5m m in a pocket),a PC cable and software.

Extra : Probes and attaching system with a coupling agent.

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