The Dumo

The Dumo is an ambient air dust trend monitor, it gives a 4-20mA signal that can be easily integrated into existing systems such as a PLC in the control room. The Dumo has an easy auto setup feature that examines the normal dust levels in an area for approximately 20 minuites, this level is defined as normal dust level and set to 4.8mA. There are also two alarm levels, these are Alert at 5 times normal levels and Alarm at 20 times normal levels.

The Dumo is ideal for environments where any increases in the normal dust levels may result in harm to personnel or machinery.

The Dumo is the perfect complement monitor in areas requiring dust extraction systems to lower particulate levels in an enclosed environment, the Dumo will increase extraction efficiently.  

Rising environmental regulations in ambient environments for worker health have increased the demand for particulate monitoring around the world in these applications. The Sintrol Dumo is the premier trend monitor to improve worker health and protect industrial equipment. 

PM0.5, PM1, PM5, PM10 can all be detected.

The Dumo has a very quick "real time" resonse, typically a few SECONDS! This make it ideal for alarm funtions.

The Dumo can sense particulates from 0.3 microns. 

Sintrol Dumo is a useful tool in all work environments where harmful dust concentrations are encountered:


-Construction sites


-Cotton Processing

-Textile Mills



-Paper mills


In addition, with new IECEX/Atex certification, the Dumo can now be used in higher risk areas to detect abnormal levels of potentially explosive dust concentrations. 

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