Portable Velocity Meter Hire

FLO-MATE FH950 Portable Velocity Meter

The lightweight, battery powered FH950 Velocity Flow Meter was designed to provide accurate velocity measurements while simplifying the entire measurement process in rugged field environments.

Multiple user-friendly features designed into the FH950 allow you to quickly and easily determine stream velocities for required discharge measurements, or use the FH950 to quickly calibrate area velocity flow meters, or verify primary devices such as weirs and flumes.

User-Friendly Interface Minimizes Field Time 

The FH950's rugged, lightweight and user-friendly design allows for easy set-up, operation and data management. An easy-to-use, menu-driven user interface includes a graphics display that is readable even in bright sunlight. The ability to store and download velocity and entered depth information with the meter, minimizes field time up to 50%. Discharge calculations are automatically calculated by the meter. Conveniently download collected data to a PC via the USB connection, eliminating the need for labor intensive manual data transfer.

  • Time saving 
  • Lightweight, Rugged Portable Meter
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy-to-Use, Menu-Driven Interface
  • Real-Time Velocity Graphed on Color Display
Also available for hire.
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