Steam Flow, Multivariable transmitter, 4-20mA and Hart, IMV30T

The multivariable pressure transmitter supplies pressure, differential pressure, and temperature measurement in a single instrument.

It takes full advantage of digital communications for multiple measurements. You minimize the number of transmitters and process penetrations. This results in significant savings for purchase, installation, and maintenance.

  • Works as a pressure, differential pressure, and temperature transmitter from one instrument
  • Reduced process penetrations C
  • choice of electronic modules
  • Long-term stability


  • Field-proven silicon sensor technology
  • Function, performance, and cost breakthrough for superior value
  • Digital communications using either HART or FoxCom protocols plus assignable 4 to 20 mA output signal
  • One transmitter replaces three separate transmitters, saving on initial purchase costs
  • Reduced process penetrations save money and lessen the chance of fugitive emissions
  • Fewer transmitters, less wiring, and fewer shut-off valves reduce installation costs and provide greater reliability
  • Flow rate values from the transmitter (IMV30) eliminate the allocation of costly system resources for flow rate calculations
  • Reduced cost for fully compensated flow rate measurement (IMV30) means easier justification for compensated measurement, providing better process measurement and control
  • Offered in both 316 ss and Hastelloy C materials
  • Meets many testing agency requirements for hazardous area installations


These intelligent two-wire transmitters provide precise and reliable multiple measurements.

The Model IMV25 provides measurements of absolute pressure and differential pressure, sensor and electronics temperatures, and process temperature (from an external RTD).

The Model IMV30 adds comprehensive density and flow rate calculations, making it an outstanding mass flowmeter when used with any of a variety of differential pressure-producing primary flow devices.

They utilize digital communications to transmit their multiple measurements and provide a 4 to 20 mA analogue output signal assignable to any measurement or calculated value.

Use Advantages of Digital Communications:

The IMV25 allows you to realize the cost savings of multiple measurements communicated digitally via HART and FoxCom protocols and via newer FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS protocols as they develop and expand in usage.

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