Coriolis Flow Meter, MassFlo 2100 DI1.5mm Mass Flow Sensor

• High accuracy better than 0.1 % of mass flow rate
• Large dynamic turn-down ratio better than 500:1, from 65 kg/h to a few g/h
• Densitometer performance available through a density accuracy better than 0.001 g/cm3 with a repeatability better than 0.0002 g/cm3.
• Single continuous tube design, with no internal welds, reductions or flow splitters offers optimal hygiene, safety and CIP cleanability for food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications.
• Market’s biggest wall thickness, ensuring optimal life-time and corrosion resistance and high-pressure durability
• Balanced pipe design with little mechanical energy-loss, ensures optimal performance and stability under non-ideal and unstable process conditions (pressure, temperature, density changes etc.).
• 4-wire Pt1000 temperature measurement ensures optimum accuracy on mass flow, density and fraction flow
• Multi-plug electrical connector and SENSORPROM enables true "plug & play". Installation and commissioning in less than 10 minutes
• Intrinsically safe Ex ia design as standard
• Sensor pipe available in high-quality stainless steel AISI 316L/1.4435 or Hastelloy C22/2.4602 offering optimum corrosion resistance
• Dual-drive pick-up and driver construction facilitate ultra-low weight pipe construction giving the markets’ smallest and
most stable zero point.
• Rugged and space-saving sensor design in stainless steel matching all environments
• High-pressure program as standard
• The sensor calibration factor is also valid for gas measurement.

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