Pitot Tube Purge System, LSP1

Used together with the deltaflow, the Systec LSP1 permits the measurement of extremely dusty gases.

Connected to the deltaflow and the DP-transmitter, the Systec LSP1 cleans the channels of the probe efficiently from dust, dirt, and condensation.

The Systec LSP1 has been developed and tested in close co-operation with leading power plant operators and is also used successfully for security installations and cut-off installations.


Primary, secondary and recycled air-volume-measurement, measurement of waste-gas volume in the chemical industry, power plants, and incineration plants.
Dusty return air from the production
Air containing cement
Blast furnace gas, coke-gas, throat-gas
Maintenance intensive primary cells like venturis, orifices, nozzles can be equipped subsequently

Technical Data:

  • Supply: 230VAC (optional 24VDC ), 6bar compressed air Size: 250×400 X 120 mm (bxhxt)
  • Adjustment of the flushing time: potentiometer
  • Adjustment of the flushing intervals: bridges
  • Pneumatic connections: Ermeto or pressure hose fitting, others upon request
  • Electrical connections: PG 13,5 or others upon request
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