Insertion DP Flow Meter Hire

Differental Pressure Flow Measurement

The DF25 flow meter generates a differential pressure as steam passing accross the probe, the IMV30 then measures the Differental Pressure, Absolute Pressure and Temperaure to give you a mass corrected steam flow output.


You must be able to Isolate your steam flow.

We need to know the number of different pipes you wish to measure.

Then the ID and OD, along with your, expected flows, temperature and pressure ranges and the pipe material at each location.

You will need to weld our Flange stub to you pipework. 

You can have either 4-20mA HART enabled output for corrected flow, or Web logging for all process data

For Web logging of all data you will need to supply us with a 24VDC supply. We will then give you a username and password for so you can view you data

For just a 4-20mA signal for flow we need only an Active 4-20mA loop. If your loop is HART enabled you will be able to pickup the DP,AD and Temperature data. 

Supplied Kit Description

Flowline will supply you with the DF25 Pitot tube, and the IMV30 multivarible transmitter there is an optional internet data logger at no extra cost.

You will receive a flange stub to permanently weld to your pipe work, and a blanking flange with gaskets and bolts to cover the flange stub once the meter has been removed.

Permanent Metering 

If you later decide that you need permanent metering, your welding will already be in place making a fixed DF25 an easy option 


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