Filter and Ambient Air Dust Monitors

Dust and Filter monitor, In duct, Snifter

The Snifter series brings reliability and simplicity to your Filter monitoring system. The fast response time of the Snifter enables the earliest detection of deterioration of your filters and helps prevent the loss of expensive filter bursts or unnecessary filter changes, all saving you money and downtime.

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Dust monitors, insertion, S300

The S300 series of Dust Trend Monitors are a very reliable way to measure the constant change in dust levels. They have automatic range setup, require no manual adjustment, have automatic drift compensation and vibration has no effect on the readings. Overall a very effective and useful product with various applications.

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Dust in Ambient Air Monitor and Alarm, DUMO

The Dumo monitors your ambient dust levels within the local area. The Dumo can be used to protect your dust sensitive equipment and employee's health. The Dumo is cost-efficient and easy to use with little to no maintenance needed. The Dumo can be supplied wireless, allowing you to build your own connected network of sensors that will report back to a central hub.

The Dumo is designed to sense unexpected increases in dust levels, be this from building works, process leakage or extraction failure.

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