Open Channel & Sewer Flow Meters

Flo-Dar Open Channel Flowmeter

After many years of excellent service the Flo-Dar has now been superseded by the Raven-Eye

We will of course continue to provide, service, spares and technical support for our many Flo-Dar customers.

Click through to the webpage and find out more about our Trade-In offers for existing Flo-Dar users.


Do you have a Flo-Dar system thats over 6 years old?

If you do, it will soon require a new back-up battery inside the control unit.

If you send your control unit back to us we will replace the battery, upgrade the firmware and if we have the original set-up in our archive, re-install the original site configuration.

We will carry out the above AT NO CHARGE!

If you prefer us to visit your site, we can do this for a very reasonable fixed price.  

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