Coriolis Flow Meter, MassFlo MC2 DN50 to 150 Mass Flow Sensor

MASS MC2 DN 50-150


The MASS MC2 DN 50 to 150 is suitable for accurate mass flow measurement for all kinds of liquids and gases. The MC2 It is very accurate, typically better 0.15% it also has a large turndown and low-pressure drop.

Measurement method

Coriolis meters detect flows by vibrating a pair of parallel tubes and measuring the effect that a mass of the media flowing through the meter has on the vibrating tubes. Coriolis meters also have temperature sensors providing the necessary temperature correction.

Features and Benefits

With a high accuracy of the MC2  is better typically better than 0.15% of the mass flow rate.
The sensor is designed with a parallel S-tube, saves space, reduces pressure drop and increases turndown.
The MASS MC2 is self-draining in both horizontal and vertical position.

Typical Applications

Chemical and pharmaceutical, Dosing of chemicals, Detergents, bulk chemicals, pharmaceuticals, acids, alkalis
Food and beverage, Dairy products, beer, wine, soft-drinks, plato/Brix, fruit juices and pulps, bottling, CO2 dosing, CIP-liquids
Oil and gas, Gas measurement, furnace control, test separators, LPG, oil bunkering
Accurate measurement Water and waste water

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