The Raven-Eye is now available with an optional FIVE year warranty!!

Posted: November 18th 2016

The advanced Raven-Eye radar open channel flowmeter just got even better!

Since its launch three years ago, the Raven-Eye non-contact area/velocity flowmeter has very literally, “taken off”!

With over 1000 systems now installed Worldwide, the Raven-Eye has become the flowmeter of choice for open channel flow metering applications. Although originally designed for sewer/effluent flows, its adaptability to new applications sees the system being used in the Far East for a major river flow measurement project.

Taking advantage of the systems very low power consumption and the associated Web enabled logging function, remote monitoring of river flows using compact battery packs is now possible.  For example, measuring a 20m wide river at 15 minute intervals for 3 months, using a battery that can be help on the palm of a hand!

Flowline Systems has been associated with the Raven-Eye from its launch, we provide a full supply, installation and commissioning service, in addition we are pleased to offer the following:

Two-year warranty, extendable to five years, for a small additional charge

The Raven-Eye system is very flexible, we can supply complete metering systems, or, just the Raven-Eye radar velocity sensor, this can be combined with existing level sensors and PLC, SCADA systems.

Fixed systems can be powered by solar/battery with real-time web enabled data transfer.

Zone 1 ATEX certified Raven-Eye systems are also available. 

Call us to ask about a free site demonstration.

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